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Dearne and Colleen (Pinnacles National Park, California)
Hannah and Aubrey (Long Beach, California)
Claire (Kentucky)
Ben (St. Kitts)
Cheyenna (Bronx Zoo, NY)
Aubrey and Hannah (Sarasota, FL) 
Lauren and Johnny (Bahamas)
Jacob and Rachel (Paris, France)
Jacob and Rachel (Bahamas)
Alex (Mazatlan, Mexico)
Anna, Elsa, and the Ralls Family (Walt Disney World, FL)
Sydney, Emma, Bailey (Walt Disney World, FL)
Ruby (Florida)
Michael (Cayman Islands)
Sarah (San Diego, CA)
Hannah and Bobbi (Beaver Creek, CO)
Hailey and Courtney (Walt Disney World, FL)
Hailey (Walt Disney World, FL)
David and Daniel (5th Avenue, NYC)
Hannah and Bobbi with Fuzzy!
Emma (New Orleans, La)
Giovanni (Winter Park, CO)
Caroline and Charlotte (The Alamo, TX)
Deborah (Caracas, Venezuela)
Josh and Heather (Caribbean)
Sydney (New Orleans, LA)
Vanessa (Stratton, VT)
Alden and Aerin (San Francisco)
Bailey (New Orleans, LA)
Lana , Lillie , Courtney (Scotland)
Charlie (Murray State University, KY) 
Gus and Oliver (Southwoods Reunion, NY)
Jake and Jessie (Southwoods Reunion, NY)
Kirsten (Eastern Kentucky University, KY)
Tess (Charleston, SC)
Johnny (Kansas City, MO)

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